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The Bathurst riots occurred at Bathurst Gaol in 1970 and 1974. Prisoners held the 19th Century establishment rioted in protest at conditions. The riots were immortalised in the Cold Chisel song "Four Walls" from the album East (album).

The Bathurst motorcycle race riots, or Easter Motorcycle riots were a series of disturbances between 1980-1985 involving motorsport spectators, many of whom were motorcycle riders, and the New South Wales Police Force Tactical Response Group during the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix.

Following the 1985 race meeting, the Bathurst Regional Council placed a total ban on spectators taking their own alcohol into events at the Mount Panorama Circuit. This ban has subsequently been revoked. The council also put a limit on the number of drinks spectators could purchase per day from the outlets at the track. This also had a flow on effect for the circuits other annual event, the Bathurst 1000 touring car race held on the October long weekend, though traditionally the Bathurst 1000 crowd was much better behaved.

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The Bathurst riots are referenced in the Cold Chisel song "Four Walls".The reference pertains to the gaol riots, not the disturbances at the motorcycle races.

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