Batié, Cameroon

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Batié is located in Cameroon
Location in Cameroon
Coordinates: 5°17′N 10°17′E / 5.283°N 10.283°E / 5.283; 10.283
Country Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon
Province West Province

The Sand Village[edit]

Batié is a town and commune in the Hauts Plateau division located in the western province of Cameroon. It is located at Latitude 5.283333 and Longitude 10.28333 (in degrees). Batié is also well known for its MTN Elite one club Sable FC or "San San Boys". The name comes from the sand production in this mountainous region. The climate is very mild. Rainy season typically lasts from March through October. Dry season begins in November and goes into March of the following year.

The closest major city is the provincial capital of the West province, Bafoussam. The village is located on one of the few paved roads (N5) in Cameroon. This two-lane highway connects Bafoussam, to the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala. The N5 cuts across the village and forms two areas of congregation. One is the carrefour and the other is le marché. Le marché is the local market that follows the traditional calendar and occurs every 8 days.


Since Batié is located on a paved road, traveling to neighbouring villages is relatively easy. Below is a list of prices via local transportation and time that it would take. (c. 2010 prices)

Batié - Baham: 15 min in a taxi (400CFA)
Batié – Bamenjou: 20 min on a moto (700CFA)
Batié - Bafoussam: 30 min in a taxi (600CFA)
Bafoussam – Bagangté: an hour in a taxi (500CFA)
Bafoussam – Dschang: an hour in a taxi (500CFA)
Bafoussam – Bamenda: 90 min in a taxi (1200CFA)
Bafoussam – Foumbot: 30 min in a taxi (600CFA)
Bafoussam – Foumban: 45 min in taxi (800CFA)
Bafossam – Yaoundé: 5 hours in bus, (4500CFA)

The taxi described here is a typical "bush taxi" where up to 8 people would ride in a 4-person sedan from one to two decades ago.

Peace Corps Connection[edit]

Peace Corps Cameroon had a training center in Batié in the 1980s, and has had a series of volunteers in the community. Round II: Cameroon chronicles a Small Enterprise Development volunteer in Batié from 2008-2010.

Notable people[edit]

Francis Ngannou : Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently competing in the UFC Heavyweight Division

Coordinates: 5°17′N 10°17′E / 5.283°N 10.283°E / 5.283; 10.283