Bati Kot District

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Bati Kot District
Bati Kot District, Nangarhar Province.
Bati Kot District, Nangarhar Province.
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceNangarhar Province
CapitalHafeez Kodai
 • Total300,000 (Three lack)
Time zoneUTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Standard Time)

Bati Kot is a district in the east of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 300,000 in 2017, of whom 25,500 were children under 12. The district centre is Nader Shah kot {Hafeez Kodia}. [2]

Afghanistan cricketer Hameed Hasan was born in the district. Salor Kalai (څلور کلی) Or Chardahi is one of the villages of Bati Kot district, where a very famous person lives whose name is Amadzai Ustad, Amadzai Ustad is repairing broken bones of the human body, many people come from near and from some very far places to him to repair bones from all around Afghanistan.

Batikot has the following villages: Lowartay, Sepay, Chardi, Khanano Kali(gary), Takya, Barekab, Meshwane, Ghazeabad, Gundyane, Kody, and Ambarkhana. Since the 2nd presidential term of Hamid Karzia, about 70% area of Bati Kot is covered by Taliban. the main centre of Taliban is in Salour Kali (چهاردهي).

the popular areas in the district are: اصحاب بابا زیارت ، سید اخند موسی زیارت ، تکیه غونډۍ ، پیرکامل زیارت

The popular people of the district are: Malik Qaqif, Malik Habibullah, Haji Aziz Ur Rahman (member of parliament) Dr. Sediq Momand, Haji Mandali, Dil Aram, Haji Muhibullah, Haji Farooq, Malik Zahir, Haji Atiqullah, Malik Shah Mahmood, Malik Nawaz Khan, Malik Naseem, Qumandan Sharif


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