Batik cake

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Batik cake
Malaysian batik cake.jpg
Batik cake.
Alternative namesKek batik, Marie fudge cake
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated national cuisineIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei
Main ingredientsBroken Marie biscuit, Milo powder,[1] chocolate powder, egg, butter/margarine and condensed milk

Batik cake (Malay: Kek batik) is a type of non-baked Malaysian cake dessert. This cake was made by mixing broken Marie biscuits combined with a chocolate sauce or runny custard made with egg, butter/margarine, condensed milk, Milo[1] and chocolate powders.[2] The cake is served during special occasions like the Eid al-Fitr and Christmas.[3]


The origin of this type of cake is somewhat uncertain; it is similar to hedgehog slice and the latest Prince William chocolate biscuit cake, although with some different ingredients.[3] As Malaysia and Brunei were once colonies of Great Britain, it is believed the cake was introduced by the British. In Brunei, their Batik cake is covered by green colour topping.[4]

Other variety of Batik cake from Brunei with green topping

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