Batman: New Times

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Batman: New Times
Directed by Jeffery Scheetz
Produced by Jeffery Scheetz
William Vaughan
Written by Jeffery Scheetz
William Vaughan
Starring Adam West
Mark Hamill
Dick Van Dyke
Distributed by DAVE School
Release dates
January 2005
Running time
11 min
Language English

Batman: New Times is an animated CGI film. The CGI models used for the film are based on Art Asylum's Minimates toyline.



It is New Year's Eve, and Bruce Wayne is hosting a party at Wayne Manor. Just when he meets "Miss Kitka" (Catwoman in disguise, as seen in the 1966 film Batman: The Movie), he gets a call from Commissioner Gordon, explaining that the Joker is planning a New Year's Eve crime spree (the concept of the Joker planning a crime for midnight on New Year's Eve also appears in Batman: The Long Halloween).

It is up to Batman to avoid Harley Quinn's distractions, and to stop the Joker from pulling the world's largest stick-up at midnight.


Every year, the students create a short film to demonstrate what they have learned in class and for future employers. Batman: New Times was released 2005 by the 2004 graduating class of DAVE School.


The success of Batman: New Times led Marvel Comics and Diamond Select Toys to the contraction of DAVE School and its students to produce a commercial film in the same style using Marvel characters, X-Men: Darktide.

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