Batman & Robin (video game)

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Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin (video game) cover art.png
Developer(s)Probe Entertainment
Publisher(s)Acclaim Entertainment
Producer(s)Peter Jones
Designer(s)Matt Nagy
Programmer(s)David Shea
Artist(s)Guy Mills
Composer(s)Tim Follin
  • NA: 7 August 1998[1]
  • EU: August 1998

Batman & Robin is an action-adventure video game based on DC Comics' Batman exclusively for the PlayStation. It was developed by Probe Entertainment[2] and published by Acclaim Entertainment in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. It is based on the 1997 film of the same name.


The game uses elements of a Sandbox style game, such as real time events, traffic simulation and civilian population. The player can choose one of the film's three heroes, Batman, Robin or Batgirl.[3] Each character uses a unique vehicle. Batman drives the Batmobile, Robin the Redbird motorcycle and Batgirl uses the Batblade. In the game, the player travels around Gotham City and completes various individual missions, such as preventing Mr. Freeze from robbing a bank. Most of the events are not triggered; instead, each event occurs at a certain time. For example, Mr. Freeze's bank robbery occurs at 7 p.m. The player must find clues and discover the plot with the help of the Batcomputer. If the player cannot find enough clues, the event occurs, failing the mission. Some situations are derived directly from the plot of the film, while others were conceived for the game.


Acclaim originally scheduled Batman & Robin for release in the third quarter of 1997, in order to coincide with the film's theatrical release.[3]


Next Generation reviewed the PlayStation version of the game, rating it two stars out of five, and stated that "We're going to be charitable and assume this was a game Acclaim was contractually obligated to release and quietly ignore it. While not in the same league as previous Acclaim licensed horrors, Batman and Robin is still pretty damn horrible."[4]

Like the film, the PlayStation game was critically and commercially unsuccessful. IGN noted in their review, "In the end, you'll buy this game only if you're a Batman fanatic, not because it's a good game." They rated it a five out of ten.[5]


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