Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

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Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
The Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
The Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
Number 94 edit data
Dedication 16 July 2000 (16 July 2000) by
Gordon B. Hinckley
Site 6.3 acres (2.5 hectares)
Floor area 10,700 sq ft (990 m2)
Height 71 ft (22 m)
Preceded by Veracruz Mexico Temple
Followed by Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple
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Coordinates: 30°21′45.59039″N 91°6′30.18599″W / 30.3626639972°N 91.1083849972°W / 30.3626639972; -91.1083849972 The Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple is the 94th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

The first Mormon missionaries arrived in Louisiana in 1841. A few joined the church, but left Louisiana to be with the rest of the body of the church. New Orleans was the port of entry to the United States for most of the early British converts of the church. Between 1840 and 1855 around 18,500 members crossed the ocean to the U.S. and 17,600 of them first arrived in New Orleans. Because of this, most church members in New Orleans were either emigrants who could not yet afford to go further or church agents who helped the emigrants continue their journey. After 1855 when the last of the emigrants left New Orleans the church no longer had a presence in the Louisiana. In 1895 Mormon missionaries were sent again to the state and today there are more than 24,000 members in Louisiana.

The LDS Church First Presidency announced on October 14, 1998 that a temple would be built in Baton Rouge[2] and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 8, 1999.[3] The temple was open to the public for tours from July 1 through 8th, 2000. LDS Church president Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the temple on July 16, 2000.[4] Four dedicatory services were held to accommodate the members who wanted to attend. Just before the first dedication service a cornerstone ceremony was held.

The Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple serves 24,000 LDS Church members in the New Orleans, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Monroe Louisiana stakes, as well as members in Gulfport, Hattiesburg, and Jackson, Mississippi stakes.

The temple is 10,700 square feet (990 m2), with a baptistry, two ordinance rooms, two sealing rooms, and a Celestial room.[5] The exterior is made from Imperial Danby White marble quarried in Vermont, and the grounds are beautifully landscaped. The site is 6.3 acres (25,000 m2), which includes a meetinghouse.

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