Bats (musical)

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Music Ian Dorricott
Lyrics Simon Denver
Book Simon Denver
Ian Dorricott

Bats is a musical written in 1983 by two Australian writers, Ian Dorricott and Simon Denver.[1] It has been produced numerous times by school groups.


The remote village of Humperdink in the shire of Engelberta in the Transylvanian Alps has survived for centuries by growing grapes, and even though they can boast about Count Dracula's castle, no one really seems to care. The towns "Grape Harvest" is their main industry. But when the grape harvest is ruined by disease, and the town is on the verge of bankruptcy, they need outside money, so decide to market their attraction as a location for creatures of horror.


  • The Slap Slap Dance
  • We're Only in It for the Money
  • We're De Boys
  • Single Girl
  • Get Up and Do It with Style
  • Whirlwind Global Tours
  • Midnight Madness
  • We Don't Want to Sing This Love Song
  • Junior Brats
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • Just Like the Good Old Days
  • Things that Go Bump in The Night


  • The Dracula Family
Mr. & Mrs. Dracula
Fritz (their son)
The Original Count Dracula
  • The Monsters
Igor the Hunchback
Flocks of Frankensteins, packs of Werewolves, masses of Mummies and zillions of Zombies
  • The Police
Chief Inspector
Hilda, Police Sergeant
Zsa Zsa, Undercover Policewoman
Rover of the Dog Squad
Other police officers
  • Tourists
Tour Guide
Mr. & Mrs. Hill
Other tourists
  • The Baddies
Nosher and Nasher
The Big Boss
Smith and Weston (his goils)
Bonnie and Clide
Babyface Nelson
Ned Kelly
Pink Panther and Jimmy the Cat
Dr. Fu Manchu
Other Gangstas and Goils
  • The Townsfolk
The Mayor
Miss Schmidt (the Bank Managers Secretary)
The Bank Manager
Bank Tellers and Peasants
The Three Burghers
  • Others
Cecil Starr, the Hollywood Director
Special guest appearance by the dreaded Junior High School Gang featuring Amonia, Titch, Whoopsie and Spider


  1. ^ A different musical by the same name, with lyrics by John Kenrick, was produced Off-Broadway

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