Batsheva Katznelson

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Batsheva Katznelson
Katznelson batsheva.jpg
Date of birth 1897
Place of birth Bar, Russian Empire
Year of aliyah 1911
Date of death 30 August 1988
Knessets 2
Faction represented in Knesset
1951–1955 General Zionists

Batsheva Katznelson (Hebrew: בת-שבע כצנלסון‎‎, born 1897, died 30 August 1988) was an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for the General Zionists between 1951 and 1955.


Born in Bar in the Russian Empire (today in Ukraine), Katznelson made aliyah to Ottoman-controlled Palestine in 1911, and attended Herzliya Hebrew High School in Tel Aviv. During World War I she was expelled to Egypt by the Ottoman authorities.[1] She later studied humanities at the University of Geneva. She worked as a teacher for 18 years.

One of the leader of the Organisation of Hebrew Women, she attended the first Women's International Zionist Organization convention in 1926. She later became a member of WIZO's national committee, and chairwoman of the Jerusalem branch.

In 1951 she was elected to the Knesset on the General Zionists list, but lost her seat in the 1955 elections.

Katznelson was the sister of Rachel Katznelson-Shazar and the sister-in-law of Zalman Shazar, the third president of Israel. She was also the mother of Shmuel Tamir,[2] who later served as a Knesset member from 1965 until 1981 and as Minister of Justice. She died in 1988.


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