Battalion of Saints

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The band in 1983
Battalion of Saints
Origin San Diego, Southern California
Genres Punk
Hardcore punk
Years active 1980–1985
Labels Mystic, Taang!
Members George Anthony
Nathan Javier
Matthew Vicknair
Mike Vega
Past members Chris Smith
Joey Wrecked (Maya)
James Cooper
Captain Scarlett(David Lloyd)
Ted Olson
Dennis Frame
Mike Shock
Mike Monster
Terry "Tezz" Roberts
Dave Astor
Barry Farwell
Thrashley Register
Travis Davidson
John Hatfield

Battalion of Saints is a hardcore punk rock band from San Diego, California that was founded in 1980. The band went through numerous lineup changes before touring the United States and Canada from 1984-1985 with George Anthony, Chris Smith, James Cooper and Joey Wrecked (Maya). Half-way through the 55-city summer 1985 tour, the road manager, Captain Scarlett(David Lloyd) replaced James Cooper on bass. The band officially broke up in 1985. Singer George Anthony re-formed the band in 1995 with Terry "Tezz" Roberts (veteran of British punk bands Discharge, Broken Bones, and U.K. Subs), and signed to Taang! Records, which reissued most of their material on the Death-R-Us CD.[1]

Up till April 2012, the band was still playing shows in southern California with the line up consisting of Mike Shock, Mike Monster and Gearbox. It was after that, that original founding member George Anthony decided to reform the group bringing in John Hatfield on lead guitar, Thrashley on rhythm guitar, Matthew Vicknair on bass and Mike Vega on drums. With this lineup songs that haven't previously been played in years were added to the set. After doing a number of local shows, the band did a short tour in the summer of 2012 up the west coast with support act 13 Scars. As of now, the band has played a steady run of shows sharing the stage with bands such as D.I, Naked Aggression, Fang and Poison Idea. Within the next year the band plans on releasing a much anticipated L.P and began touring worldwide to support it.

As of 2015 Thrashley is no longer playing with Battalion Of Saints and the band has gone back to the classic four piece single guitar sound. In mid 2015 the band decided to A new Self Titled 7'(Southern Lord, 2015) was released with John Hatfield, Matt Vicknair, Mike Vega and George Anthony. John Hatfield left the band late 2015 and Nathan Javier took his place. A full length record is being written now set to be released on Southern Lord in Spring 2016.



  • Fighting Boys 12" (Nutron, 1982)
  • Second Coming 7" (Mystic, 1983)
  • Second Coming LP (Nutron, 1984)
  • Rock in Peace LP (Mystic, 1988)
  • Battalion of Saints A.D. 7" (Taang!, 1994)
  • Cuts CD (Taang!, 1996)
  • Muscle of Love 7" (Taang!, 1997)
  • Live at CBGB's LPCD (Punk Rock Records)
  • Self Titled 7" (Southern Lord, 2015)


  • Death-R-Us CD (Taang!, includes all previous releases and compilation tracks except Second Coming 7")


  • Meathouse tape (Version Sound, 1982): "Holy Vision", "Witchworld"
  • Someone Got Their Head Kicked In LP (BYO, 1982): "Beefmasters", "No More Lies", "Cops Are Out"
  • Eastern Front vol. 2 LP (Eastern Front/Enigma, 1982): "Fighting Boys"
  • Our Blow Out tape (Slow Death, 1983)
  • The Sound of Hollywood No. 2: Destroy L.A. LP (Mystic, 1983): "Sweaty Little Girls"
  • Super Seven Sampler LP (Mystic, 1987) "Second Coming"
  • Punk Rock Christmas CD (Cleopatra, 2015) "Jingle Bells"

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