Batteries Included (song)

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Batteries Included
Servotron gray.jpg
EP by Servotron
Released 1996
Recorded Zero Return Assembly Line-AL 1996
Genre indie rock
Label Goldenrod Records
Servotron chronology
Meet Your Mechanical Masters
Batteries Included
Celebration of Annihilation

Batteries Included was Servotron's second release. It is also referred to as Red Robot Refund or Servotron. It was released on gray vinyl and black vinyl in 1996 on Goldenrod. The cover is all gray with raised Servotron lettering. The plastic sleeves with the gray version are screened with the same lettering and a robot walking (pictured). "Red Robot Refund" is about the red robot (R5-D4) in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope that Uncle Owen buys but immediately malfunctions. "Batteries Included" is a song about vibrators and how their use will cause the extinction of the human race through lack of reproduction.

Track listing[edit]

  • Blank Side: "Red Robot Refund (Ode to R5-D4)"
  • Blank Side: "Batteries Included"

The Mechanisms Recognized As Your New Leaders[edit]

  • MACHINE #1 - Z4-OBX - Tempo
  • MACHINE #2 - Proto unit V3 - Synthesized Harmony with female voice patterns
  • MACHINE #3 has been reprogrammed, and now answers to 00ZX1 - MAIN FEED link
  • MACHINE #4 has transcribed symbols into words similar to "GAMMATRON" - 200 Hz.

Other credits[edit]

  • No Humans were involved in this completely digital recording process