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Coordinates: 40°42′54.6″N 74°1′2.6″W / 40.715167°N 74.017389°W / 40.715167; -74.017389

The floating dock terminal, 2014
The ferry terminal (background, far left) as seen from the south

The Battery Park City Ferry Terminal provides slips to ferries, water taxis, and sightseeing boats in the Port of New York and New Jersey. The floating dock[1] is located on the Hudson River and moored at the foot of Vesey Street in Hudson River Park in Battery Park City, Manhattan.[2]

There are four bow-loading and two side loading slips at the terminal. The mono-hull structure is the largest of its type in the world, covering 0.75 acres (0.30 ha) acres, its two towers anchored to bedrock 75 feet below the water's surface.[3] It is near the World Financial Center which lends it name to such terms as World Financial Center ferry, WFC Ferry Terminal.


Regular ferry service between lower Manhattan and what is today Jersey City dates back to at least 1661 with the founding of the Communipaw ferry during the Dutch colonial period in New Amsterdam[4] and the Jersey City Ferry in July 1764[5] which operated from Paulus Hook to Mesier's dock which was located at the foot of Courtland Street. Both ferries continued to operate into the 19th and 20th centuries and docked at Liberty Street Ferry Terminal and the Cortland Street Ferry Depot respectively. When these ferry slips were closed in the 1950s and 1960s they were demolished and the slips were filled in to create Battery Park City. In 1986 NY Waterway restarted ferry service across the Hudson River and a ferry slip was opened at Battery Park City in 1989.[6]

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioned the construction of the current terminal which opened in 2009 and replaced the landing to which service began in 1989.[7][8][9][10][11]


NY Waterway and Liberty Water Taxi[12] operate services to the terminal. Goldman Sachs commissions two ferries between its offices on either side of the river, which are used by both employees and non-employees.[13][14][15] SeaStreak operates peak hour shuttle service to Pier 11/Wall Street for connecting service to the Raritan Bayshore.[16]Since June 2013, ferries using the terminal, in accordance with the previously disregarded Rule 34(a)(i) (which prescribes maneuvering and warning signals[17]), sound their horns to indicate their actions, creating what many local residents perceive as noise pollution.[18][19]

route paid transfers
Battery Park City Ferry Terminal
at World Financial Center
Hudson River Park at Vesey Street
Battery Park City, Manhattan
MTA bus M20 bus
Downtown Connection bus
Weehawken Port Imperial[21]
peak service Hudson Bergen Light Rail
New Jersey Transit bus
NY Waterway buses
14th Street
peak service New Jersey Transit bus
Hoboken Terminal[23]
full service Port Authority Trans Hudson
Hudson Bergen Light Rail
NJT & MTA rail
Hudson Place bus terminal
Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal[24][25]
Exchange Place, Paulus Hook, Jersey City
full service PATH
Hudson Bergen Light Rail
New Jersey Transit bus
New York Waterway shuttle
Liberty Harbor[26]
Marin Boulevard, Paulus Hook, Jersey City
peak service Hudson Bergen Light Rail
Liberty Landing Marina[27]
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway
Liberty State Park, Jersey City
via Warren Street
at Morris Canal Basin, Paulus Hook
weekday and seasonal weekend service
Ellis Island-Liberty Island ferry[28][29]
Belford Harbor[30]
Raritan Bayshore, Monmouth County
peak service via The Narrows & Upper Bay
Pier 11 at Wall Street

peak service connecting service to SeaStreak
Raritan Bayshore routes

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