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BattleHack 2014 logo.svg
BattleHack 2014 logo
Genrehackathon, competition
Years active3
InauguratedJune 8, 2013[1]
Most recentNov 14-15, 2015[2]
Organised byPayPal

BattleHack (or Battle Hack in the 2013 series) was a series of global hackathon contests organised by PayPal.[3][4] Competitors were required to solve a local problem by coding.[4][5] Winners of the first prize of each contest got an axe as the trophy, and admission to the world finals where competitors competed for the $100,000 grand prize.[4][6][7] Competitors retain the ownership of their applications made in the contests.[3][4]

In 2016 PayPal/Braintree shut down the developer relations program along with all related programs such as BattleHack.[8]

It was announced that BattleHack would be returning [8] however as of Jan 16, 2018 the domain name lapsed and has since moved into new ownership.

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