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Designer(s)Chris Hartford
Publisher(s)FASA Corporation, Descartes Editeur, Fanpro
Publication date1993
Playing time360 minutes

BattleSpace is a FASA Corporation wargame set in the BattleTech universe. It simulates naval warfare in space. This is considered the 2nd edition of the AeroTech (Space flight & Atmospheric vehicles) rules for BattleTech. This came in a game box which contained maps, rules, cardboard paper ship counters, and extensive history of BattleTech universe.

The game/rules were succeeded by AeroTech2, AeroTech2 Revised, & Strategic Operations rules sets.


All succeeding Aerospace rules have been based on BattleSpace rules.

Battlespace itself was based on another FASA wargame known as Renegade Legion. In this case it was based on a space module named Leviathan, which is where much of the damage system & rules come from.

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