Battle Nations

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Battle Nations
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Developer(s) Z2Live
Platform(s) iOS, OS X, Android, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) November 17, 2011
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy, simulation
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Battle Nations is a freemium turn-based strategy video game developed and published by Z2Live.


The game puts players in control of land with limited resources where effective management of resources is vital to expansion and advancement. Building a productive nation allows players to form armies which are the basis for the game's core: PvP combat in turn-based strategy warfare. It is impossible to "lose" in Battle Nations: even if the player has no buildings to generate gold, the player will always have enough gold to build a supply drop, which generates 100 gold every hour as well as 25 of iron, wood, and stone. Most of the technology in game is based on that used by humans during WW2, although there are a few exceptions (e.g. velociraptors, mammoths, lasers, swords, railguns, etc.). The game seems to lack logic in various areas, allowing players to grow crops in 5 minutes while in real life crops take months to grow, as well as a man with a pistol hiding behind a scrap car door being more dangerous than an imperial soldier with a shotgun and military grade steel shield.


Nanopods is a rare resource in Battle Nations. With it, the user can buy units, buildings, speed up units and building formation, research new unit attacks, and finally buy resources the user lacks of. The user can win them by leveling up (10 free nanopods each level), buying them with real world money, watching adverts or achieving a good rank in events (Boss Strikes or Arena Challenges). In general, the units and buildings requiring nanopods are better than the ones requiring normal resources, but this has proven to be false at different occasions. However, promotional units all require nanopods to be acquired, which makes them really valuable to the user.


Battle Nations is Z2Live's third game, following Trade Nations and MetalStorm. Z2Live released a video that described the inspiration behind the creation of Battle Nations. The concept for the game was inspired by Trade Nations users who provided feedback requesting additional PvP elements in the game.[1]

In February 2015 it was announced that King Digital Entertainment had purchased Z2 Live Inc, for $150M.[2] Subsequently, Battle Nations was pulled from the Steam platform as of 16 April 2015.[citation needed]