Battle and theatre honours of the Indian Army

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Indian cavalry near the Tigris River, during the First World War

The Indian Army has a distinguished history in which they won many battle and theatre honours. The practice of giving battle honours began with the East India Company who awarded these to the units of the native Indian corps in their presidency armies. The practice continued after the advent of the British Crown post-1857 when the armies of the East India Company became part of the British Indian Army and after India's independence in 1947. The earliest conflict for which a battle honour was awarded was "Plassey" which was awarded in 1829 to the 1st Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry which served the East India Company in Bengal while the latest is "Kargil" in 1999 awarded to units of independent India's army for feats during the Kargil War.

Pre-1914 battle honours[edit]

First World War[edit]

Europe & Gallipoli[edit]


Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Arabia[edit]

Egypt & Palestine
  • Aden

Central Asia, Persia, Afghanistan, India, China[edit]

Central Asia
  • Merv
  • Persia 1915–19
  • Afghanistan
  • Tsingtao

East Africa[edit]

Second World War[edit]

North East Africa, Middle East[edit]

North East Africa
Middle East
  • Iraq 1941


Indo-Pakistani War of 1947[edit]

The battle and theatre honours of the 1947 War are:[1]

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965[edit]

The battle and theatre honours of the 1965 War are:[2]

Jammu and Kashmir sector
Punjab sector
Rajasthan sector

Indo-Pakistani War of 1971[edit]

East Pakistan Sector
Jammu and Kashmir sector
Punjab theatre
Sindh theatre


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