Battle of Łowicz

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Battle of Łowicz
Part of Second Northern War / The Deluge
Date August 25, 1656
Location Łowicz, Poland
Result Polish-Lithuanian victory
Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Gerae-tamga.svg Crimean Khanate
Sweden Sweden
Commanders and leaders
POL COA Łodzia.svg Stefan Czarniecki Hans Böddeker
6,000 cavalry (4,000 Poles, 2,000 Tatars) 1,500 cavalry
Casualties and losses
Unknown 1,470 killed

The Battle of Łowicz on August 25, 1656 between forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Crimean Khanate commanded by Stefan Czarniecki on one side, and on the other Swedish forces commanded by Hans Böddeker. Polish-Tatar forces won the battle.


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