Battle of Abaran

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Battle of Bash Abaran
Part of Caucasus Campaign
Monument to Battle of Bash-Aparan.jpg
Monument to the Battle of Bash-Aparan, Aparan, Armenia.
Date May 21–29,[1][2] 1918
Location Bash Abaran, Armenia
Result Armenian Victory[1]
Armenian National Council  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Drastamat Kanayan

Esad Pasa

Kezim Pasa
6,000 3rd Regiment of the 11th Caucasian Division, 13,000[1]
Casualties and losses
1,500 6,000-7,000[3]

The Battle of Bash Abaran (Armenian: Բաշ Աբարանի ճակատամարտ Bash Abarani chakatamart, Turkish: Baş-Abaran Muharebesi) was a battle of Caucasus Campaign of World War I that took place in the vicinity of Bash Abaran, in 1918. The Armenian victories at Bash Abaran, Sardarabad and Karakilisa, halted the Ottoman invasion of Eastern Armenia and were instrumental in allowing the formation of the short-lived First Republic of Armenia.[4][5]

The Ottoman forces attacked on 21 May, driving towards Yerevan. They were opposed by Armenian forces under the command of Drastamat Kanayan. One prong of the three-pronged Ottoman attack, consisting of the 3rd Regiment of the 11th Caucasian Division, moved down from Hamamlu. They met an Armenian force of about 1000 riflemen under the command of Movses Silikyan at the defile of Bash Abaran, about a three-hour march from Yerevan. After three days of fierce fighting the Armenians launched a counter-attack against the Ottomans on 25 May.[1] The Ottoman forces then retreated north back to Hamamlu on 29 May.[1]

Order of Events[edit]

On May 17, the province declared a state of war. Church bells are constantly bump. Villages tanuterere priests capable of eighteen years on all armed men were sent to the disposal of the Defense Council. Sedrak Jalalyans and Mr. Der-Boghossian study area, the first line of defense decided to establish the highest stretch of snow-Mirak villages. The new zorajokatnern were sent through the line. On May 20 of this line was already around 1,500 militia. Stabilized the situation in the province, Aparan village stopped the deportation of villages in the east. May 22 , noon. The first defense as well as direct Aparan second line formed village militias have increased to about 3,500. In fact, Aparan almost every village about a hundred men was sent to the front. True, not all modern weapons that had ammunition was scarce, were two machine guns, and the guns were not there, but there were unbending will and own land, home to protect the family's determination. On the same day evening. Turks vanguard groups who did not expect any resistance, firing and confused, with casualties back and wait for May 23 in the morning. During the night, in fact, like the Aragats mountain in the western foothills, Sardarapat, Aragatz eastern foot of the mountain was formed with the front. Yerevan correctly assessed the situation and on the same night in front of the new commander appointed veteran Dro, Drastamat Kanayan . May 23 . There were no armed forces of storage. All day Aparan enemy at the front face of Aparan militias. Turkish artillery positions, aiming fire to suppress fire about 8 km from the front line defending militia. Despite stubborn resistance, the losses were significant, and the head of military operations Arsen Ter-Poghosyan night ordered a retreat on the second line. Aparan and Ashtarak gavarakneri logistics villages Sedrak Jalalyan to the battlefield to send a new militia detachment. The first battleground reached 100 dovretsiner priest Father George 's. Aparan evening only reached with the militia in 4500, Ashtarak, 5000. Dro to stand up in front of Aparan and off almost all the armed groups. Before midnight they reached the front of Aparan Gandzaketsi poruchik Z. ( Resurrection Nanumyan ), Zangezur Yaponi , Garni M. , bald Lazarus , Sasun M. , makvetsi M. (old bayazettsineri) bulanghtsi Murad's troops. May 24 . Aram Manukyan science of zorabazhni commanders decided to Sardarapat , Aparan supply front of regular military units. Earlier in the day Aragatsi foot of Aragats - Quchak entered villages across the front and the front left position colonel Dolukhanian 6th Infantry Regiment, which was supplemented mainly Aparan fighters. The same day Aparan Colonel reached the front Korelkovi mounted regiment captains Sakelyarii and Klichi artillery batteries, one of which is positioned in Aparan called "against" village. Militia, the total number of armed groups, contingents of soldiers passed from 7000 on. May 25 . Turkish army commander Vehib Pasha Armenia three directions, Sardarapat, Aparan , Vanadzor, the army ordered the decisive attack, and that day Aparan Front became the war center around. Hardly had the Turks here cheghkein protection, and would strike directly at Sardarapat. In the afternoon, the rain tried to pass hordatsats east of the village of Saralanj Kasagh river out back and break of Aparan militia resistance. The moment is critical, but the personnel occupying troops arrived Kasagh heights on both coasts, were killed by the Turks and forced them to retreat irregular. In the afternoon, the Turkish onslaught to take Aragatsi hem. Most of them managed to break through the defense forces of more than one kilometer Alujayi valley and penetrate the rear. Front albeit with great difficulty, but it was closed, and the Turks are under mutual fire. Yeghvardi colonel reached the battlefield by Zalinyan 300 soldiers and Aragatsi Parpetsi militias hundred (skirt from Lord George led the priest) Turks blocked the road, and the latter three appeared under fire, dove destroyed (only few people managed to Aragats mountain escape, escape). Noon Aparan have emerged in new areas of danger in front. The command request Aparan , from the eastern province Dzoraglukh attack on the village of Hankavan Turks living. This way the enemy closed Dzoraglukh, Ttujur, united team consisting Chknagh residents. The bout took place at the Red Monastery archaeological site, near the village. Turks failed to break the resistance of Aparan and four hours after the fight with the militia to withdraw, leaving the battlefield with more than twenty dead bodies. Dzoraglkhetsi Deacon died in the Resurrection. About the same time the medical side of the village, more than five hundred Turks to open a new front in the village of Norashen-Yernjatap. The command is aware of the attack was defensive trenches dug this direction has Norashen village about two kilometers east of the ruined fortress to Yernjatap village quarry. The defense of this sector are concentrated in Norashen villages and Yernjatap almost all men. Around three hundred men. Upon receipt of the command that started in March this front the news sent Vardenis (village) from the collected hundred. In this direction, and the battle continued that day until nightfall, and by the end of the next day. The Turks also failed to cause panic by the three warring against Aparan and to create an opportunity for the main Turkish forces break front in the central part. The Turks gave this direction are more than a hundred victims. The Armenian side lost 17 norashentsi 3 yernjataptsi 1 for region. One last heroic battle of Aparan and researchers Dzoraglukh Norashen-Yernjatap no information on the military, while others thought that the Turks broke the front and reached the Quchak and Yernjatap. Turks on the battlefield that have left more than 1,000 dead bodies, guns, weapons, ammunition. May 26 . There were no positional changes. The Turks tried to move several directions, but failed. The last day of Sardarapat, Aparan are transported captain Khoren Igitkhanyan artillery battery, Colonel Hovsepyan 5th Infantry Regiment. May 27 . Aparan front of the militias, the number of armed groups, military personnel passed since 9000. While the Turks were again numerical superiority, but crossed the psychological advantage of the unconditionally. Unable to resist the attacks of the Turks left Nigavan , Melikgyughe and concentrated in Slough nearby heights. May 28 . Tbilisi -based National Council of Armenia declared independence and the power to take over responsibility. But Aparan front of the most important news is still not known. Drastamat Kanayan personally took the stand against the enemy attack. Positions taken by the victims. On that day, killing Sebastia Azarike , Gandzaketsi Zemlyake , Garni M. cousin, but brave. Despite the losses, they have not stopped the attack at night. May 29 . The division remains bled white flags are out.


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