Battle of Agüi

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Battle of Agüi
Part of the Chilean War of Independence
Date February 18, 1820
Location Fort Agüi north of Ancud on Chiloé Island
Result Royalist victory
Flag of Chile (1818).svg Chilean patriots Spain Royalists
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Chile (1818).svg William Miller Spain Antonio Quintanilla
Casualties and losses
20 killed

The Battle of Agüi was fought at Fuerte de Agüi, near Ancud, Chiloé on February 18, 1820 between Chilean patriots and Spanish royalists, during the Chilean War of Independence. After the successful capture of Valdivia Lord Cochrane sought to occupy the Chiloé Archipelago which was the last stronghold of the Spanish in Chile. William Miller disembarked for this task but had to reembark after had been severely wounded in his leg and lost 20 men.

Coordinates: 41°49′46.48″S 73°51′18.26″W / 41.8295778°S 73.8550722°W / -41.8295778; -73.8550722