Battle of Ahmed Khel

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Battle of Ahmed Khel
Part of Second Anglo-Afghan War
Action ahmed khel 1880.jpg
Map of the battlefield
Date 19 April 1880
Location Ahmed Khel, Afghanistan
Result British Indian Victory

United Kingdom British Empire

Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901).svg Afghanistan
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Sir Donald Martin Stewart Unknown
7,200 Anglo-Indian troops 15,000 tribal warriors
Casualties and losses
17 dead
124 wounded [1]
Around 1,700

The Battle of Ahmed Khel was fought between the British Empire with its British and Indian armies and the Afghans on the road between Kandahar and Kabul on 19 April 1880 in what now is the country of Afghanistan.[2] The battle ended in a British victory. This battle occurred during General Donald Stewart's march from Kandahar to Ghazni, then on to Kabul.[2]

The British forces, consisting of 7,200 British and Indian troops, were commanded by Lieutenant General Sir Donald Stewart. On the opposite side were 15,000 tribesmen mounted and on foot of the Andarees, Tarkees, Suleiman Khels and other Afghan tribes, led by unknown tribal leaders.

The Indian regiments were commanded by British officers, but these were not present in sufficient numbers to command such inexperienced military units as the Indian forces. The proportion was 7 British officers to 650 Indian infantry soldiers, which wasn't enough since all tactical decisions on the battlefield were made by the British.

For weaponry the British infantry carried a single-shot Martini–Henry rifle, while the Indian infantry had a similar single-shot rifle, but one of older model. In addition to these rifles the British-Indian cavalry forces were armed with sword, lance and carbines.

During times of peace the Indian army had no commanding structure of officers other than those placed in garrisons in cities or forts. The Indian army officers had to be appointed when war started, and trained through experience.[2]

Order of battle[edit]


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