Battle of Akhaltsikhe

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Siege of Akhaltsikhe 1828, by January Suchodolski

The Battle of Akhaltsikhe may refer to one of the following:

  • A battle under the walls of Akhaltsikhe during the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829 on August 9 (August 21 O.S., 1828) between 9,000 Russians under Field-Marshal Paskevich and 30,000 Turks under Kios-Mahomet-Pasha. The Russians were victorious.
  • Defense of the same fortress by a Russian garrison under General Nicholas Muravyov from a 20,000 Turkish force on March 4, 1829 during the same conflict.
  • A battle between 7,000 Russian troops consisting mostly of Georgian irregular cavalrymen under Prince Ivan Malkhazovich Andronnikov (Andronikashvili) and 18,000 Turks under Ali-Pasha during the Crimean War, on November 12, 1853. The Russians checked Turkish offensive in Transcaucasia and made them retreat to Kars.


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