Battle of Al Masini valley

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Battle of Al Masini valley
Part of the Yemeni Civil War (2015–present) and
the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, and Hadramaut Insurgency
Date17–18 February 2018

Coalition victory

  • 70% of Al Masini valley cleared of AQAP Islamists[1]
al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Hadrami Elite Force
 United Arab Emirates
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Maj. Gen. Faraj al-Bahsani
Units involved
Sons of Hadhramaut Hadrami Elite forces
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
19 killed[2] 8 killed[2]

The battle of Al Masini valley, code named Operation Al Faisal by the coalition, was an operation to clear the Al-Qaeda controlled stronghold of Al Misini valley in Hadramut province.[2]



On February 17, 2018 Hadrami Elite Forces, backed by heavy UAE aerial support, launched Operation Al-Faisal, an offensive to retake Al-Masini Valley from AQAP militants. The offensive began when Hadrami Elite Forces launched a preemptive attack from three directions, that laid siege to all AQAP militants in the valley. On February 18 Hadrami Elite Forces had entered the valley and begun to slowly retake all areas in and around the valley. After fierce fighting for 48 hours, AQAP militants retreated from the valley and Hadramai forces gained full control over an operation room that was run by AQAP militants in the valley and confiscated the equipment and ammunition used by the terror group in carrying out its criminal operations. The governor of Hadhramaut, Major General Faraj al-Bahsani declared that the operation was a success and that others like it, will follow until the region was fully rid of AQAP. Furthermore, while combing the area, large caches of ammunition, including mortar guns and missiles were found and the Yemeni forces secured the entire zone by staging military posts and patrol units across the surrounding plateaus to preempt any counter offensives by the AQAP militants.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][2][10]


After AQAP retreated, Hadrami Elite chased them for several kilometers before ceasing pursuit and establishing positions and checkpoints.[11][12]


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Coordinates: 14°32′06″N 49°07′25″E / 14.5350°N 49.1235°E / 14.5350; 49.1235