Battle of Alcolea (1868)

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The Battle of Alcolea occurred on 27 September 1868.


General Francisco Serrano y Domínguez's revolutionary army decisively defeated a loyalist force under Manuel Pavía, Marquis de Novaliches at the bridge of Alcolea in Andalusia.

The badly wounded and permanently disfigured Novaliches retreated and Francisco Serrano y Domínguez marched on Madrid. The revolutionaries' success at this battle forced Queen Isabella II into exile in France and allowed Serrano to enter the capital, form a Provisional Government, convoke the Cortes Constituyentes in February 1869, and be appointed successively president of the executive and regent.

Coordinates: 37°56′12″N 4°39′41″W / 37.93667°N 4.66139°W / 37.93667; -4.66139