Battle of Alsasua

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Battle of Alsasua
Part of First Carlist War
Date 22 April 1834
Location Alsasua (Altsasu), Navarre, Spain
Result Carlist victory

Carlists supporting

Infante Carlos of Spain
Liberals (Isabelinos or Cristinos) supporting
Isabella II of Spain and her regent mother Maria Christina
Commanders and leaders
Tomás de Zumalacárregui Vicente Genaro de Quesada

The Battle of Alsasua, also known as the Battle of Altsasu or la Acción de la Venta, was a battle that occurred on April 22, 1834 during the First Carlist War. Carlist general Tomás de Zumalacárregui destroyed a convoy led by the Liberal general Vicente Genaro de Quesada traveling from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Pamplona at the town of Alsasua.[1] The Liberals suffered many casualties and Zumalacárregui took many prisoners.[1]

Zumalacárregui formed the unit known as Guías de Navarra from Liberal troops from La Mancha, Valencia, Andalusia and other places who had been made prisoners at this battle. After this battle, they had been faced with the choice of joining the Carlist troops or being executed.


Coordinates: 42°53′43″N 2°10′08″W / 42.8953°N 2.1689°W / 42.8953; -2.1689