Battle of Andros (246 BC)

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Battle of Andros
Part of Third Syrian War
Date246/245 BC
Result Antigonid victory
Antigonid Macedon Ptolemaic Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Antigonus II Gonatas Sophron of Ephesus
Ptolemy Andromachou
numerically inferior numerically superior

The Battle of Andros was an obscure naval battle during the Third Syrian War. Despite its numerical superiority, the Egyptian fleet, probably commanded by Sophron of Ephesus, lost to a Macedonian fleet led by Antigonus II Gonatas. The Egyptian captain Ptolemy Andromachou, an illegitimate half-brother of the Pharaoh, lost his ship and crew, barely escaping to Ephesus.

The date of the battle is uncertain, but generally the year 246/245 BC is accepted.[1] Following the battle, the Egyptian king Ptolemy III Euergetes lost the dominion of the Nesiotic League to Antigonus Gonatas.[2]

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