Battle of Angol

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Battle of Angol
Part of the Arauco War
Date March 25, 1564[1]
Location Vicinity of Los Infantes, Chile
Coordinates: 37°45′29.22″S 72°41′56.73″W / 37.7581167°S 72.6990917°W / -37.7581167; -72.6990917
Result Spanish Victory
Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg Spanish Empire Lautaro flag.svg Mapuche
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg Lorenzo Bernal del Mercado Lautaro flag.svg Illangulién
Sixty Spaniards (including 12 arqubusiers and a field gun)
500 Indian auxiliaries[2]
Four thousand warriors[3]
Casualties and losses
No dead, many wounded[2] 1,000 killed (including Illangulién), many more wounded and many captured[2]

Battle of Angol was a battle fought between the Mapuche and the Spanish conquerors in March 1564.


In Los Infantes captain Lorenzo Bernal del Mercado had discovered that the rebels had constructed a pukara close by, establishing a blockade of the city. Lorenzo Bernal ordered a reconnaissance patrol and he observed that the natives under the toqui Illangulién had chosen an impregnable position in a marsh and chose to retire. Illangulién's troops then moved to a second position, nearer to Angol, to which captain Lorenzo Bernal responded with a new reconnaissance.

Finding that this new position also was impregnable he again retired. Feeling victorious and believing the destruction of Angol was imminent, a Mapuche detachment located themselves in a third position awaiting reinforcements from their main body at the old position. This time, seeing their dangerous proximity to Los Infantes, captain Bernal chose to attack the position before more Mapuches arrived. In the battle the Spanish drove the Mapuche out of their pukara and pursued them down to the river bank and drove them into the river, where they were trapped and 1,000 Mapuches were killed including the toqui Illanguelén and many more were wounded or captured. Bernal ordered some of the captives killed and others lost hands or feet. When the news reached the rest of the Mapuche army coming to attack Angol, they dispersed.[2]


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