Battle of Annan Moor

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Coordinates: 54°59′24″N 3°14′31″W / 54.990°N 3.242°W / 54.990; -3.242

See also: Battle of Annan

The Battle of Annan Moor was a battle of the Scottish civil war, part of the intertwined Wars of the Three Kingdoms that took place in England, Ireland, and Scotland between 1639 and 1651.

The battle took place on 20 and 21 October 1645 between the Royalists under Lord Digby and Marmaduke Langdale against the newly raised cavalry regiment commanded by Sir John Brown of Fordell. The Royalists were defeated and lost more than half of their 600 men as casualties or prisoners. The remainder of the Royalist force retired into England.



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