Battle of Arbroath

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Battle of Arbroath
Part of Gordon – Lindsay feud
Arbroath Abbey2.jpg
Arbroath Abbey
Date 24 January 1445 or 1446
Location Arbroath, Scotland
Result Crawford victory
Clan Ogilvy
Clan Gordon
Clan Oliphant
Clan Seton
Clan Forbes
Clan Lindsay
Commanders and leaders
Master of Crawford son of Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford
Casualties and losses
500.[1] At least 100.[1]

The Battle of Arbroath was fought on 24 January 1445 (or by another version in 1446) at Arbroath in Scotland. It was between rivals claimants to the post of Baillie of the Regality.[1]

The Clan Ogilvy were supported by men from the Clan Oliphant, Clan Seton, Clan Gordon and men from the Clan Forbes.

Their enemy was the Master of Crawford and his Clan Lindsay who advanced with over one thousand men. His father, David Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Crawford, rode between the two armies in an attempt to call a truce. However, an ill-advised Ogilvie, thinking that this was the start of the Lindsay's attack, threw his spear at the Earl, hitting him in the mouth and killing him instantly.

So began the battle, which went in Clan Lindsay's favour. Here fell Ogilvie of Inverquharty, Forbes of Pitsligo, Brucklay of Gartley, Gordon of Borrowfield, and Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie (father of Laurence Oliphant, 1st Lord Oliphant). However, the Lindsays lost a disproportionate amount of men, most notably the Earl himself. It has been calculated that 500 Ogilvys were killed as well as at least 100 of the Lindsays.[1]


The graves of the dead from this battle have from time to time been found below the surface of the ground.[1]


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