Battle of Asfeld

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Battle of Asfeld
Nuremberg chronicles f 147v 1.jpg
Alboin, son of King Audoin
Alboin slew Thorismund in single combat during the battle [1]
Date 552
Location Asfeld?, Pannonia Secunda
Result Decisive Lombard victory
State of the Lombards Kingdom of the Gepids
Commanders and leaders
King Audoin
Prince Alboin
King Thorisind
Prince Thorismund 
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy[3]

The Battle of Asfeld was fought in 552 between the State of the Lombards and the Kingdom of the Gepids. The Lombards, led by King Audoin (with the help of his brother-in-law Amalafrid[4]), were victorious, and, Turismod, the son of King Thorisind, was slain in the battle.


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