Battle of Awazu

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Battle of Awazu
Part of the Genpei War
Yōshū Chikanobu Tomoe Gozen.jpg
Tomoe Gozen defeats Uchida Ieyoshi and Hatakeyama Shigetada.
DateFebruary 21, 1184
Result Minamoto no Yoshitsune et al. victory; Minamoto no Yoshinaka killed
Minamoto clan loyalists Minamoto clan rebels
Commanders and leaders
Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Minamoto no Noriyori
Minamoto no Yoshinaka
Imai Kanehira

Minamoto no Yoshinaka made his final stand at Awazu, after fleeing from his cousins' armies, which confronted him after he attacked Kyoto, burning the Hōjūjiden, and kidnapping Emperor Go-Shirakawa. During the pursuit he was joined by his foster brother Imai Kanehira.[1]

During the battle, they fought valiantly, holding off Noriyori's large force of thousands of men for a time. However, in the end, they both died.

Yoshinaka was struck dead by an arrow when his horse became mired in a paddy field. Kanehira committed suicide by leaping off his horse while holding his sword in his mouth.[2][3][4]



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