Battle of Aylesbury

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Battle of Aylesbury
Part of the First English Civil War
Tombstone for 247 persons. - - 904452.jpg
Plaque commemorating the battle
Date 1 November 1642
Location Holman's Bridge near Aylesbury
Result Parliamentarian victory
Royalists Kingdom of EnglandParliamentarians
Commanders and leaders
Prince Rupert Kingdom of EnglandSir William Balfour
2,000[1] 1,500[1]
Casualties and losses
500 dead[1] 90 dead[1]

The Battle of Aylesbury was an engagement which took place on 1 November 1642 when Royalist forces, under the command of Prince Rupert, fought Aylesbury's Parliamentarian garrison at Holman's Bridge a few miles to the north of Aylesbury town. The Parliamentarian forces were victorious, despite being heavily outnumbered.


Prince Rupert took possession of Aylesbury with a force of several thousand infantry and cavalry but subsequently received intelligence of the impending arrival of a brigade of Parliament's troops from Stony Stratford.[2]

The battle[edit]

Prince Rupert marched out with most of his force to confront the enemy at a site a few miles north of the town. He arrived at a ford and encountered a unit of 1,500 Parliamentarian troops under Sir William Balfour on the opposite bank.[1] Prince Rupert, supported by Sir Lewis Dyve in reserve, charged across the ford and engaged the enemy.[2] However Prince Rupert was driven back across the stream and was forced to retreat towards Thame.[2] Some 500 of Prince Rupert's men fell and over 90 of the Parliamentarian forces died.[1]


In 1818 remains were discovered near to Holman's Bridge, outside Aylesbury, which were believed to belong to the fatalities from the battle. They were buried in a common grave in St Mary's churchyard in Hardwick. [3]


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