Battle of Ballinalee

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Battle of Ballinalee
Part of the Irish War of Independence
Date 3 November 1920
Location Ballinalee, County Longford
Result IRA victory
Flag of Ireland.svg Irish Republican Army
(North Longford Flying Column)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland British Army
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Royal Irish Constabulary
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Ireland.svg Seán Mac Eoin ?
~300 ~900
Casualties and losses
? Unreported, estimated up to 20 fatalities, several times that wounded'[1]

The Battle of Ballinalee took place during the Irish War of Independence on 3 November 1920. The Irish Republican Army (IRA), led by Seán Mac Eoin, drove a force of British Army and Royal Irish Constabulary from the village of Ballinalee in County Longford.[2]

The 900 British troops hoped to burn the town as a reprisal, but were defeated by about 300 IRA volunteers. The village was the only one in all of Ireland to repel the British outright.[citation needed]


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