Battle of Bayou Bourbeux

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Battle of Bayou Bourbeux
Part of the American Civil War
Attack on the Sixtieth Indiana.
Frank Leslie, artist
Date November 3, 1863
Location St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
Coordinates: 30°24′45″N 92°5′23″W / 30.41250°N 92.08972°W / 30.41250; -92.08972
Result Confederate victory
 United States of America  Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
Stephen G. Burbridge Thomas Green
1,625 6,000
Casualties and losses
26 dead 42 dead

The Battle of Bayou Bourbeux also known as the Battle of Grand Coteau, Battle of Boggy Creek[1] or the Battle of Carrion Crow Bayou (Carrion Crow is the Cajun French word for buzzard), which is present day Carencro Bayou, was fought in southwestern Louisiana west of the town of Grand Coteau, during the American Civil War.

The engagement was between the forces of Confederate Brigadier General Thomas Green and Union Brigadier General Stephen G. Burbridge.[2]


Under orders from Major General Richard Taylor, Green launched the attack on the Union camp after receiving three infantry regiments on November 2, 1863. These regiments were led by Colonel Oran M. Roberts.

Lieutenant William Marland of the 2nd Massachusetts Battery earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during this battle.


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