Battle of Bazargic

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Battle of Bazargic
Part of Romanian Campaign (World War I)
1916 - Sarja a cavaleriei romane in luptele de la Bazargic desen de D Stoica.jpg
Romanian cavalry charge during the battle of Bazargic
Date5 September 1916 - 7 September 1916
Result Bulgarian victory
Bulgaria Bulgaria Romania Romania
Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Bulgaria Gen. Stefan Toshev
Bulgaria Gen. Ivan Kolev
Bulgaria Gen. Todor Kantardzhiev
Russian Empire Gen. Andrei Zayonchkovski
23 battalions,10 artillery batteries, 17 cavalry squadrons 46 battalions,17 artillery batteries,19 cavalry squadrons
Casualties and losses
1,053 killed
2,324 wounded[2]

The Battle of Bazargic, also known as the Battle of Dobrich or the Dobrich epopee (Bulgarian: Добричка епопея), took place between 5 and 7 September 1916 between the armies of Kingdom of Bulgaria and Kingdom of Romania, Kingdom of Serbia and the Russian Empire. Despite being outnumbered, the Bulgarian Third Army was victorious and took Southern Dobruja, pushing the Russian and Romanian forces further north and defeating them once again at the Lake Oltina - Caraomer - Mangalia line.


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