Battle of Beitang

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Battle of Beitang
Part of the Boxer Rebellion
Date 20 September 1900
Location Beitang, China
Result Allied victory
 German Empire
France France
Qing dynasty Imperial China
Commanders and leaders
Russia G. K. Stackelberg

The Battle of Beitang, during the Boxer Rebellion, was fought on September 20, 1900 between the Eight Nation Alliance and the Chinese army.


Beitang is 5 mi (8.0 km) north of Tianjin. It was necessary to capture Beitang for organising railway connection between Tianjin and Manchuria.

During the night, Russian troops captured a Chinese position near the destroyed Beitang railway station, and built several batteries. In the morning, Russian and German cannons began to bombard the fortress, and at 10a.m. the Chinese garrison fled. At noon, the fortress was captured without fighting.



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