Battle of Beran Byrig

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Battle of Beran Byrig
Part of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain
Date c.556
Location Barbury Castle, Wiltshire
Result West Saxon victory
West Saxons Britons
Commanders and leaders

At the Battle of Beran Byrig or Beranburh the West Saxons are said to have defeated the Britons at Barbury Castle Hill Fort near Swindon in the year 556.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for the year states: Her Cynric 7 Ceawlin fuhton wiþ Brettas æt Beranbyrg (This year Cuthwin and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Barbury Castle).

Control of Barbury Castle is likely to have been important as it lies on The Ridgeway, a strategic communication route.


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