Battle of Berezina (disambiguation)

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Battle of Berezina may refer to one of the following events that happened by the Berezina River.

  • A battle between Charles XII of Sweden with Peter the Great on June 25, 1708 won by Charles.
  • Battle of Berezina during Napoleon's invasion of Russia.
  • Battles during the Polish–Soviet War:
    • Battle of Berezina (1919), a failed Bolshevik assault between October 30 and November 3, 1919
    • A successful attack of three Bolshevik brigades between May 16 and May 27, 1920
    • A counterattack by the Polish forces in June 1920
    • The third attack on the Polish positions around the village of Berezina in late June and early July 1920
  • Battles in 1941 and 1944 during the Second World War.