Sacking of Bergen (1393)

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Sacking of Bergen (1393)
Part of Sackings of Bergen (1393) and (1429)
Date 1393
Location Bergen (Bjørgvin)
Result The Victual Brothers fleet raids, pillages, loots and burns Bergen.

The Victual Brothers

  • Victual Brothers fleet

Norge 1380.tif Kingdom of Norway

Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Large, strong ships Small garrison, small ships
Casualties and losses
Unknown, probably few Unknown, probably many

The Sacking of Bergen in 1393 was one of two attacks on Bergen by the Victual Brothers, a former trading guild turned to piracy. The second attack was many years later, in 1429. The Victual Brothers raided the town, pillaged and looted goods and killed the garrison and possibly also civilians. After they had won the attack they proceeded to burn the city down before leaving with their treasures.