Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge

Coordinates: 48°47′36″N 4°26′21″E / 48.79333°N 4.43917°E / 48.79333; 4.43917
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Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge
Part of the Western Front of World War I
Date3–27 October 1918
Location48°47′36″N 4°26′21″E / 48.79333°N 4.43917°E / 48.79333; 4.43917
Result Allied victory
 United States
 German Empire
Commanders and leaders
Henri Gouraud
John A. Lejeune
William Ruthven Smith
Crown Prince Wilhelm
French 4th Army (elements)
2 US Army divisions Assigned to French Fourth Army divisions
United States Marines (elements)
2 German infantry divisions

Six additional divisions(elements)
Casualties and losses
7,800 men, killed and wounded.
Unknown number captured
Unknown number captured

The Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge (3 October to 27 October 1918) occurred during World War I, northeast of Reims, in Champagne, France. The US Army's 2nd Infantry Division and the 36th Infantry Division alongside the French Fourth Army opposed the Imperial German Army's 200th and 213th divisions, along with portions of six additional German divisions.[1] The result of this battle was the expulsion of the Imperial German Army from the Champagne Region.

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