Battle of Blar Na Pairce

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Battle of Blar na Pairce
Part of Rebellion of Dòmhnall Dubh
Mackenzie crest.jpg Macdonald crest.jpg
Clan crests of Clan Mackenzie (left) and Clan Donald (right)
Date Between 1485 and 1491
Location Blar na Pairce, Strathpeffer, Scotland
grid reference NH47325690 [1]
Coordinates: 57°34′36″N 4°33′13″W / 57.57667°N 4.55361°W / 57.57667; -4.55361
Result Mackenzie victory
Loyal to James IV of Scotland:
Clan Mackenzie,
Clan Brodie
Loyal to Domhnall Dubh:
Clan Donald
Commanders and leaders
Kenneth Mackenzie Gillespick MacDonald
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Blar na Pairce (Scottish Gaelic: Blàr na Pàirce "Battle of the Park") was a Scottish clan battle that took place just outside Strathpeffer some time between 1485 and 1491.[1] It was fought between men of the Clan Donald or MacDonald and the Clan Mackenzie (led by Kenneth Mackenzie).[2]

The chief of Clan Donald, Lord of the Isles, had resigned the title of Earl of Ross to the king in 1477. After this the province of Ross was constantly invaded by the MacDonald islanders. As a result, a battle was fought between the Clan Donald islanders, led by Gillespick MacDonald against the Clan MacKenzie. The MacDonald islanders were defeated with many men being drowned in the River Conon.[3]


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