Battle of Bogesund

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Battle of Bogesund
Part of Sten Sture's war against Denmark
Death of Sten Sture the Younger.jpg
The Death of Sten Sture the Younger on the ice of lake Mälaren, by Carl Gustaf Hellqvist (1880).
Date January 19, 1520
Location The lake Åsunden, near Bogesund
Result Danish victory
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish, supporters of the Sture party
Commanders and leaders
Otte Krumpen Sten Sture the Younger
10 000 10 000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Sten Sture

The Battle of Bogesund was an important conflict in the campaign of Christian II to gain power over Sweden. In 1520, Christian's army of mercenaries had landed in Sweden, seeking to consolidate Christian's powers over Sweden within the Kalmar Union and to unseat the rebellious Swedish viceroy Sten Sture the Younger. On the ice of lake Åsunden near Bogesund, Christian's army led by Otte Krumpen was intercepted by a force led by Sten Sture.

Little is known of the details of the battle. At an early stage, a cannonball ricochetted off the ice, hitting Sten Sture in the leg and killing his horse. Deprived of their leadership, Sture's forces (mostly armed peasants) fell into disarray and fled. Sture himself retreated towards Stockholm, but died of his wounds on the ice of lake Mälaren on February 5.

The anti-union resistance was continued by Sture's widow Christina Gyllenstierna and ultimately Gustav Vasa.

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