Battle of Borgo

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Battle of Borgo
Part of Corsican Revolution
Date October 8 – 9, 1768
Location Borgo, Haute-Corse
Result Corsican victory
Corsican Republic  Kingdom of France
Commanders and leaders

Pasquale Paoli

Clément Paoli

De Marbeuf
Marquis De Chauvelin

De Ludre
Casualties and losses
600 killed
1000 wounded,
600 captured

The Battle of Borgo was a battle between Corsican and French forces over control of the town of Borgo on 8 October 1768.


In October 1768, Pasquale Paoli tried to recapture U Borgu (Borgo), where a French force of 700 men under De Ludre was entrenched awaiting reinforcements. During this time. Pasquale Paoli ordered his entire force to march on Borgo, whilst Clément Paoli kept a watch on Pascal's rear to prevent Grand-maison from descending from Oletta, where he had taken refuge. The main roads between Bastia and Borgo were also kept under surveillance by the Corsicans. The Marquis De Chauvelin learned of the fate awaiting his countrymen and sent Grand-maison towards Borgo. De Marbeuf and Chauvelin left Bastia with 3,000 men to join the force in Borgo. De Ludre and his 700 men entrenched themselves in Borgo awaiting the assault. Paoli inspired his troops by telling them "Patriots, recall the Corsican Vespers, when on this very spot you destroyed the French. The honour of the fatherland and public liberty today need all your valour. Europe is watching you.".


Battle commenced on the morning of 8 October 1768 and lasted ten hours. Grand-maison tried in vain to defeat Clément Paoli and his men. Marbeuf and Chauvelin thought it best to retreat and De Ludre surrendered. 600 were dead, 1000 wounded and 600 taken prisoner, whilst 3 bronze cannon, 6 other cannon, a mortar, 1,700 fusils and other munitions were captured by the Corsicans. Louis XV of France was surprised by the defeat and even thought of making no further armed attempts to incorporate Corsica into France, but the Duc De Choiseul made every effort to continue the war and repair the damage the defeat had done to his reputation.


Coordinates: 42°33′17″N 9°25′41″E / 42.5547°N 9.4281°E / 42.5547; 9.4281