Battle of Bornholm (1563)

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Battle of Bornholm (1563)
Part of Northern Seven Years' War
Gotland 1566.jpg
Naval battles of the Northern War:
Battle of Bornholm (1563)
Date30 May 1563
Proximity of Bornholm
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark–Norway
Commanders and leaders
Jakob Bagge Jacob Brockenhuus
19 ships 10 ships
Casualties and losses
Negligible 3 ships captured
800 men captured

The Battle of Bornholm (1563) was the first naval battle of the Northern Seven Years' War (1563–70).

The naval engagement took place on 30 May 1563 near Bornholm. A Danish squadron of 10 ships under the command of Jacob Brockenhuus (1521-1577) at anchor near Bornholm, saw a Swedish squadron of 19 ships approaching under the command of Jakob Bagge (1502–1577). Brockenhuus sent only the three ships; Hercules 81 (flag), Hector 38 and Hjort 46, toward it to show that they didn't want to fight. However, when firing three shots as a challenge, they managed to hit one of the Swedish ships. Swedish forces promptly surrounded and attacked the Danish ships, capturing all three after a 4-hour fight. The remaining Danish ships remained at anchor. [1] [2]


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