Battle of Boryspil

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Battle of Boryspil
Part of Polish-Soviet War
Breguet 14 Kiew.jpg
Polish Air Forces Breguet 14 stationed on the Kiev airfield.
DateJune 2, 1920
Result Polish victory
 Poland  Russian SFSR
2 battalions (part of 1st Legions Infantry Regiment) 58th Rifle Division

The Battle of Boryspil happened on June 2, 1920, near the town of Boryspil near Kiev. It was fought between the Polish and Russian forces during the Polish-Bolshevik War and was a part of the Polish counter-assault after the ill-fated Russian offensive of May 27.

After capturing Kiev in early May, the Polish and Ukrainian forces of 2nd and 3rd Armies were centered on Kiev, along the Dnieper river and a small bridgehead on the eastern side of the river. After the assault of the Budyonny's 1st Cavalry Army has been repelled, the Polish commander Edward Rydz-Śmigły feared that the Russian forces of the 12th Army might want to assault the bridgehead directly. To prevent this and disrupt the Russian preparations, an assault group was created in Kiev, composed of merely two battalions of infantry from the elite 1st Legions Infantry Regiment. The Polish units were loaded onto river barges in Kiev and shipped to the village of Vytachiv on the other side.

In the early morning of June 2, the Poles assaulted the town of Boryspil, where the Soviet 58th Rifle Division was preparing for an assault. Although numerically inferior, the Polish forces managed to take the enemy by surprise and, after a short skirmish, the Russians withdrew eastwards. After capturing the Russian supply dumps, the Poles returned to Kiev.

Although the losses on both sides were low, the Polish assault managed to disrupt the preparations of the Yakir's Group for the assault of the bridgehead.