Battle of Bosco Marengo

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Battle of Bosco Marengo
Part of the Golden Ambrosian Republic
Bartolomeo Colleoni, victor of Bosco Marengo [1]
DateOctober 11, 1447[5]
LocationBosco Marengo, Piedmont
Result Ambrosian victory[1][6][2]
GoldenAmbrosianRepublic.png Ambrosian Republic
Blason Charles II d’Angoulême (1522-1545).svg Duke of Orleans
Commanders and leaders
Bartolomeo Colleoni
Astore de' Manfredi
Renaud du Dresnay (POW)
3,700 troops[7] 3,000 troops[4][10]
Casualties and losses
500 killed[3][7][11] 1,500 killed[3][9][11]
only half could retreat back to France [10]
300 captured[3][11]

The Battle of Bosco Marengo (aka Battle of Frascata) [6] was fought in the Autumn of 1447.

The Duke of Orleans, Charles I, son of Valentina Visconti, laid claim to the Duchy of Milan[3] and dispatched an army from the Dauphiné and Lyonais under Renaud du Dresnay into Lombardy.[4] The Golden Ambrosian Republic responded and dispatched a total of 3,700 troops under Colleoni to Alessandria.[7] At Bosco Marengo, battle was joined and the French suffered a complete defeat[12] with their general Renaud du Dresnay being captured and later ransomed for14,000 couronnes.[13]


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