Battle of Bov

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Battle of Bov
Part of the First Schleswig War
Battle of Bov.jpg
Combat during the Battle of Bov
Date 9 April 1848
Location Near Flensborg, Schleswig
Result Danish victory
Flagge Preußen - Provinz Schleswig-Holstein.svg Schleswig-Holstein Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
Commanders and leaders
The Prince of Noer
Gen. Krohn
Hans Hedemann
7,000 7,000+
Casualties and losses
Dead: 5 officers, 30 men
Wounded: 3 officers, 135 men
Unwounded captured: 13 officers, 910 men
Total: 21 officers, 1,075 men
Dead: 3 officers, 13 men
Wounded: 5 officers, 61 men
Unwounded captured: 0
Total: 8 officers, 74 men[1]

The Battle of Bov (German : Bau) was a battle between troops fighting for Schleswig-Holstein, and those for Denmark, which happened on April 9, 1848 in the area of Flensborg in Denmark, during the First Schleswig War. Denmark won the engagement. It was the first battle of the First Schleswig War.[1]


In 1848, the First Schleswig War started, as Schleswig-Holstein was trying to separate from Denmark, and Denmark considered it a part of the country. The Kingdom of Prussia, the Austrian Empire and the German Confederation,[2] sent troops to support Schleswig-Holstein in its attempt to secede from Denmark, and become a part of the German Confederation. Wishing to defeat Denmark before German, Austrian, and Prussian troops arrived, 7,000 Schleswig-Holsteinian soldiers under General Krohn occupied Flensborg on March 31, 1848.[1]


Map of the battle

Danish troops landed on the Holdnaes peninsula east of Flensborg and, worried that he would be surrounded, Gen. Krohn asked for permission to withdraw his soldiers from the settlement. His request was approved, and he planned to fall back during April 9. Danish commanders had decided their attack would start before Krohn withdrew. They decided that the left flank of the Danish army would launch a diversionary attack, whilst the right wing and cavalry would encircle the enemy, and their attacks would be supported by a naval squadron in Flensborg Fjord. The Schleswig-Holsteins were arranged according to the plan that they were going to withdraw, and were not prepared to put up a co-ordinated resistance.[1]


The Danish soldiers began their attack between 08:00 and 09:00 on April 9. Badly co-ordinated and without their superior commander, the Prince of Noer, who arrived two hours after the battle had started, the Schleswig-Holsteins were unable to win against the Danish forces.[1]

Memorial Site in Flensburg


Thirty-five Schleswig-Holsteins died as a result of the battle, whilst Denmark lost the lives of 16; 138 Schleswig-Holsteins were wounded, and so were 66 Danes; and 923 Schleswig-Holsteins were captured to no Danish prisoners.[1]


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