Battle of Bregalnica

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Battle of Bregalnica
Part of the Second Balkan War
Plan of the Battle of Bregalnitza.png
Sketch plan of the battle. Left: front on 30 June and Serbian attacks on 1 and 2 July. Right: Attacks of the Serbian 1st Army on 3 and 4 July and of the Serbian 3rd Army on 6–8 July.
Date30 June – 9 July 1913
Result Serbian victory
 Bulgaria  Serbia
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Bulgaria Gen. Mihail Savov
Kingdom of Bulgaria Gen. Stiliyan Kovachev
Kingdom of Bulgaria Gen. Radko Dimitriev
Kingdom of Serbia Field Marshal Radomir Putnik
Kingdom of Serbia Gen. Petar Bojović
Kingdom of Serbia Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević
Kingdom of Serbia Gen. Živojin Mišić
Kingdom of Montenegro Serdar Janko Vukotić
Kingdom of Montenegro Krsto Popović

Kingdom of Bulgaria 4th Bulgarian Army - 116,000 men with 210 guns

Kingdom of Bulgaria 5th Bulgarian Army - 68,000 men with 118 guns

Total: 184,000 people (100 Infantry Battalions, 6 Cavalry Regiments, 63 Artillery Batteries)

Kingdom of Serbia 1st Serbian Army - 105,000 men with 145 guns

Kingdom of Serbia 3rd Serbian Army - 70,000 men with 97 guns

Kingdom of Montenegro Montenegrin Division - 10,000 men and 6000 volunteers from the Volunteer Brigade

Total; 191,000 people (104 Infantry Battalions, 34 Cavalry Companies, 62 Artillery Batteries)
Casualties and losses
Over 20,000 killed or wounded[1] Total 16,620; of whom 3,000 killed[1]

The Battle of Bregalnica was fought between the Kingdom of Bulgaria army and the Kingdom of Serbia during the Second Balkan War. It was the largest battle of the war.



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  • The numbers of the strength of Serbian Army do not indicate the exact strength of the forces deployed during the Battle of Bregalnica but rather the entire strength of the Serbian Army in Macedonia (the Operational group South, which included the combined 1st and 3rd Armies) at the beginning of hostilities.