Battle of Brentford (1016)

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Battle of Brentford
Part of the Viking invasions of England
Brentford County Court.jpg
A monument commemorating this and other battles in Brentford
Result English victory
Kingdom of England Kingdom of Denmark
Commanders and leaders
Edmund Ironside Cnut the Great
Casualties and losses
heavy moderate

The Battle of Brentford was fought in 1016 some time between 9 May (the approximate date Canute landed at Greenwich) and 18 October (the date of the later Battle of Ashingdon) between the English led by Edmund Ironside and the Danes led by Canute. It was one of a series of battles fought between Edmund and Canute, ultimately resulting in the lands held by Edmund's father Æthelred the Unready being divided between the two. Edmund was victorious in this particular battle, but ultimately failed to defend the lands inherited from his father.

"Then collected he [Edmund] his force the third time, and went to London, all by north of the Thames, and so out through Clayhanger, and relieved the citizens, driving the enemy to their ships. It was within two nights after that the king went over at Brentford; where he fought with the enemy, and put them to flight: but there many of the English were drowned, from their own carelessness; who went before the main army with a design to plunder." (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle)

A monument on Ferry Lane commemorates the battle.[1]


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