Battle of Broekhuizen

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Battle of Broekhuizen
Part of the Western Front of World War II
Date 27–30 November 1944
Location Broekhuizen, Netherlands
51°29′N 6°10′E / 51.483°N 6.167°E / 51.483; 6.167
Result British victory
 United Kingdom  Germany
~300 ~200
Casualties and losses
43 dead
140 wounded
17-60 dead
139 prisoners

The battle of Broekhuizen, a small Dutch village near the Meuse, was a small battle which took place at the end of the Second World War as part of the allied campaign to liberate the left bank of the river Meuse in the Netherlands (Peel marshes). In the fighting, which took place by the end of November 1944, castle Broekhuizen and the nearby village were conquered by the 15th Scottish Division on the Germans, meanwhile destroying the castle. On the Scottish side, of the 300 soldiers present, there were 43 killed and 140 wounded. On the German side 139 prisoners of war were made, while estimates for casualties range from 17 to 60 killed.

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