Battle of Bruderholz

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Swiss forces (right) attack the Swabians (left, with the saltire) at the Bruderholz. In the background the city of Basel, which was neutral in the Swabian War.

The Battle of Bruderholz took place on 22 March 1499 in the Swabian War between Swabian troops and forces of the Old Swiss Confederacy. The Swabians had raided several Swiss villages and were on their way back when they met troops from Lucerne, Solothurn, and Berne, who also came back from a raid in the Alsace.[1] At the Bruderholz, a hill south of Basel, the Swiss engaged the three times more numerous[2] Swabians in battle and defeated them.


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Coordinates: 47°30′27″N 7°35′41″E / 47.50750°N 7.59472°E / 47.50750; 7.59472